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On the Incredible Dr. Pol Controversy — From a Fellow Country Vet




This makes me sad, and even more fed up with NatGeo. -sigh-

The comments on this article are nauseating. I know that not everyone views their animals as family and that the production value of animals comes into play. But to say that it’s just an animal and that somehow justifies lack of pain medication or sterile technique is inexcusable. Not a single large animal vet who has lectured to us did not strongly emphasize the importance of both those things. If you think animals don’t feel pain, you should not own or work with them in any capacity.

So glad this article is out. People need to get educated.

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Loved these pictures that On the Floor @Dove posted! 

A brilliant source for veterinary students and professionals!

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And while we still have many challenges ahead of us… We can face them together…”

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